Simthandile Mtolo

Simthandile Mtolo

Simthandile Mtolo, a full time performer who also runs an art business where she produces production and is a live performance specialist.

“I have done productions where ticket sales aren’t enough, I have learnt that the bottom line is my talent is how I make a living, my business is my music. If you gonna have a situation of putting your career/music as business then you need to understand that its not just fame and fortune, you have to work, you have to be an all rounder. So I did some busking at the airport, one thing I can tell you it did for me is that it gained me a whole lot of new clients which were more than the people who normally booked me and I could raise my fee and I was able to make extra money and it was easy to do it cause I was doing something I love. So busking is something I encourage. Once I didn’t make enough money for one of the shows I was producing and I had to pay artists, and the only place I could get money from was from busking” Simthandile Mtolo.

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