Music Master Classes 2020

Music Master Classes 2020

The KwaZulu-Natal United Music Industry Association (KUMISA) is a non-profit, regional music industry organisation that aims to serve and represent the interests of the music industry in KZN, nationally and internationally. Our visiion is to promote, protect and invest in the growth and diversity of the KZN music industry.

KUMISA has identified the need to increase the number of KZN Artist Managers and Music Publishers that will priorities in serving KZN Artists and result in seeing them be counted amongst other A-list artists across Africa.

Music defibes and enriches our lives, whether through recording, live performance, downloaded, streaming, samples, remixed, used in the film or television and the business of creating, protecting and promoting songs/music composition is the business of music publishing.

To articulate the vision of the artist or a band throughout aspect of their career whether it’s recording, radio promotiong, touring, merchandinsing, publishing, public relations, record label, booking agency are all the part are important to a word rounded music career artist which require well skilled artist managers.

The KwaZulu-Natal United Music Industry Association is pleased to open a call for Artist Management and Music Publishing master classes for 2020. These master classes are designed for KZN emerging Artist Managers and Music Publishers.

for more details:

– download all terms and conditions here: terms and conditions.

– download the form here: music master classes 2020 forms

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