Kumisa Offices

Kumisa Offices

The KwaZulu-Natal United Music Industry Association (KUMISA) would like to officially issue an apology to its members and stakeholders for some pictures that were regrettably released on Facebook by a KUMISA staff member, on the 12th of March 2020.

Some of the unpleasant images in question displayed a broken interior wall from the KUMISA office and this led many of our members and stakeholders to believe that KUMISA had either been broken into or under attack and we would like to officially put it on record that neither of these assumptions are accurate.

To set the record straight, we would like to confirm that the office space that KUMISA has been leasing since 2016 at 64 Helen Joseph Road, Glenwood is under new management and the new owner of the property that KUMISA uses as an office, has opted to partition his newly acquired property in order to accommodate more tenants in the property and this has ultimately meant that some walls needed to be broken in order for this to take place. The unfortunate Facebook post was erroneously published due to an overwhelming rush of emotions by some of our staff members who had realized that our home since 2016 would no longer be the same due to the partitions that took place even before KUMISA could officially relocate to a new property seeing as the organization has been gradually growing.

Due to growth and the changes noted above, it must also be noted that KUMISA will be relocating to a new home that will accommodate KUMISA’s growth which might present our members with more prospects and opportunities and we will keep you all posted regarding any further developments going forward.

For More information please kindly email info@kumisa.com.

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