KUMISA Industry Night Call-out

KUMISA Industry Night Call-out

The KUMISA Industry Night is an annual event where qualifying and selected local musicians are afforded an opportunity of treating the stage as their boardroom and their live performance as an elevator pitch to multiple potential business investors.

The KUMISA Industry Night is open and exclusive to KUMISA members who are deemed music industry – ready by virtue of their professional profile outlook, lyrical content, music production quality, online visibility and stage presence qualities across all music genres after being subjected to an intense selection process that will see our independent judges, choosing the best artists based on their submissions.  The event is aimed at supporting local emerging artists who are ready for the next phase of their music careers with some already enjoying a strong local fan base within the KZN province without knowing how to succeed beyond their home base.

Call out open till 31 May 2019, submissions to be made at: projects@kumisa.com

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