Fusing Arts within Schools Workshop

Fusing Arts within Schools Workshop

The music industry, like any other industry requires sectors that enable it to function as a sustainable industry. These sectors include, but are not limited to: Performers, Authors & Composers, Copyright, Music Publishing and Collecting Societies, Music Producers, Business Management (Business, Legal & Accounting Consultants), PR Companies, Booking Agents, Music Venues / Festivals, Record Companies, Media (TV, Print & Digital), to list a few. All of these sectors are important for an artist to find success and while everyone looks at being the one in the front, there are hard working professionals in the back who are making the one in the front look good while they access success together.

As a way of ensuring that the other important careers within the music industry are not neglected and are presented to young high school students who still have to decide what careers they wish to venture into, KUMISA partnered with eThekwini Municipality’s Living Arts & Culture unit to present a program called, Fusing Arts within Schools Workshop, which is facilitated by KUMISA. The first of these workshops took place at Umlazi Senior Secondary on the 26 April 2018 KUMISA. More school visits dates will soon be published on the KUMISA website.

The workshop was very interactive with young high school pupils asking questions about the music industry in order to assert themselves within the music industry value chain. It was interesting to witness such enthusiasm from young kids and this interaction made this very first workshop a resounding success.

As the saying goes, “Ligotshwa lisemanzi” meaning, teach them while they are still young.

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