Essence Festival Panel (Highlights)

Essence Festival Panel (Highlights)

“Artists devote yourself to putting yourself out there, rather than sitting and complaining about not being given a platform. Use the internet, take that expensive smartphone you own take videos record yourself and tag people go viral so people know about you. Sell yourself”- Kelly Price

“The Internet exists, use it to promote your music and yourself, it’s not for selfies only. I don’t want people who tell me they are musicians and when I get to their profiles all I see is a 1000 selfies. Put your work out there then you will get people hunting you and searching for you all over” – Estelle

“A manager should be someone you trust enough to make decisions on your behalf, someone you really trust and connect with” – Gaby (Kelly Price’s Manager)

“Don’t be all over the place, you can not be Jack of all trades. Know you brand understand your target market, know your strengths and stick to them.” – Kenneth Nkosi

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