Contracts / Agreements

Contracts / Agreements

Performers, authors & composers, before you sign any form of contract / agreement, it is important to know and fully understand what you are signing. While the contract might seem to be favouring you and your dreams of advancing your career, a simple and standard looking sentence might be the line that cheats you out of getting any value from the contract you are signing, so it is very important to get a legal person or music organisations that are mandated to assist you for no fee to look at your contract / agreement in order to make sure that you are getting the best value out of the deal you wish to enter into while it also presents equal value to the company that created the contract for you. Likewise, it is equally important for you as a performer, author or composer to ensure that you create contracts for anyone you work with whether you are creating hits in the studio, contracting artists to perform at your events or any transaction that will lead to an exchange of service for money.

Industry people need to understand that this is business as well, so splits, publishing, producer and session musician fees should also be taken seriously.  A notable example of how important contracts and agreements are is the case between local musicians, Moneoa and Amanda Black, that was also published as an article on the City Press Newspaper, titled, “How Moneoa’s song became Amanda Blacks big hit” Rhode Marshall: 2018:04:01

These issues, affect even the well-established artists, but can be avoided by simply enlightening yourself with adequate information that organisations such as KUMISA are mandated to assist with at no cost to the artist.

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