Lindiwe Nqobile Kunene

(Chairperson: KUMISA)

Music is the bloodline of our society; it is a form of expression that has long told Africa its stories, and its history. The richness of the music industry in this province is one that not only holds the culture together but also has the potential for economic emancipation. Both the individual and the province can reap the economic rewards that this industry has to offer.

The achievement of economic liberation through the music industry requires efficient and effective management of resources within the industry. This includes knowledge acquisition, management skills training, industry skills training, value chain development and management as well as maintaining and managing healthy relationships with various stakeholders who are a within this industry.

Driven and guided by the strategic goals of the organisation, the KUMISA Team, both at executive level and operational level has been hard at work to realise the set goals and continuously find solutions for them. KUMISA has ensured that those within the industry have a one-stop shop to assist them. The Board has maintained the need to be accessible to its members and prospective members. It is with great pleasure to announce we will remain within this easy to access space within the eThekwini Bus route, a decision that benefits our beneficiaries.

The organisation is proud to announce that the Master Class established two years ago has become the most sort after training programme that provides industry novice practitioners with skills and knowledge they require in the music industry, particularly in the areas of Music Publishing and Artist Management. Our Master Class graduates have used the knowledge as a stepping-stone to improve their music careers and open new doors. We look forward to offering an even better programme as we learn and building on it.

This industry requires the need for its participants to think of their art as a high quality commodity. Often, there has been a lack of space and assistants for participants of this industry to do the business of music and managing. We are happy to announce as the Board that we are ready to get the ball rolling on the last phase towards the implementation of a music incubator. This move will grant our members the opportunity to develop their business models. Work has also started in ensuring we provide our members with access to resources they require within a resource centre setting.

Our Board, whose behalf I speak on, has been very committed in ensuring we are able to deliver within the provisions of healthy governance practices. This has been very critical as we scale the organisation and begin our negotiations with other organisations within the industry. Our success will be realised through comradeship with others in the industry.

None of this will be possible without our funders and the role they played and continue to play, thank you EDTEA for your commitment and vision for the creative industries. Thank you for the confidence in us and we look forward to another year of growth and development.