Abahambayo, is a street performing trio group made up of Franky Buthelezi, Nhlanhla Zondi and Barry Brace. They do street performance because of the nature of their music, they compose music that engages with social ills, topic that are never spoken about. This is how they make sure people engage in such topics by going to the street and sing about them, they might not respond but it will start a conversation and might heal others.

“Busking for us is where we explore our talent, we touch peoples souls by singing about things that are considered taboo/people usually shy away from talking about. Its not only about the money that people donate to us/throw in our hat, we also exchange and give people business cards for contacts. People don’t always have money to donate to us, but they do listen to us and that to us means business because if they loved you its easy for them to referee you to other people and that’s how we make more money” – Abahambayo



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